Most people will fly to Cancun and rent a car. It is also possible to take a taxi or use a bus. However, depending on where you’re coming from, it may also be worth your while to check on the air fares to Merida, which is only 20 km farther from Xcalak than Cancun.


If you're driving south, stop and fill your gas tank in Felipe Carrillo Puerto. If you're coming north or east, get gas in or near Chetumal or Bacalar.


Just south of the town of Limónes, take the road toward the sea and Majahual. The turn off from 307 onto Cafetal-Majahual road is 70 km past the Pemex station on the northern outskirts of Felipe Carrillo Puerto; 67 km from the Pemex in the center of town.


There are still some signs for that; follow anything that says Majahual (also more frequently being spelled “Mahahual,” to accommodate the orthographically challenged), Xcalak, or Costa Maya.


There may be a military check point approximately 9 km down that road.

Map of Casa Paraiso

Make a right turn about 52 km from where you turned off 307. It is the only place you can turn on that road.


If you get to the Pemex station, turn around, go back, and make a left turn at the first intersection.


Follow the road from Majahual for 60 km to its end just outside Xcalak. Turn left to drive into Xcalak.  The paved road ends just outside the southern end of town.


Turn left at the end of the paved road and follow the road into town.


Turn left at the white building that is the port captain's office (Capitania de Puerto). There is a pole on the left of the road with several signs. Casa Paraiso is conveniently located approximately 1.5 miles (2.4 km) north of the bridge at the north end of town.


If you would like more information about driving to Xcalak, please contact us.

Casa Paraiso: 2015